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EcoPravo-Kyiv Environmental Law NGO ??
+380 (44) 228-75-10
+380 (44) 228-75-10
Ukraine, 04119, Kyiv,
P.Box # 51

?Main objective of EcoPravo-Kyiv?

Contribute to democracy building and civil society development via implementation of human rights, primarily, in the sphere of environmental protection and environmental human rights advocacy.

?EcoPravo-Kyiv activities in Ukraine?

  • free legal consultations to citizens and NGOs regarding implementation of environmental human rights;

  • defending the rights of citizens and NGOs as regards environmental and institutional issues in courts;

  • dissemination and popularization of legal knowledge;

  • information and educational activities among population; environmental and legal education;

  • facilitating co-operation of environmental lawyers and Ukraine government, as well as NGOs on the issue of protecting environment and people's health;

  • workshops, conferences, round tables for all stakeholders on environmental law and environmental human rights implementation;

  • participation in law-drafting: Ukraine National Laws, Standard Acts and Statutory Rules, Local Acts/ amendments and changes to the existing laws, expert assessment;

  • participation in debates as regards new environmental laws and laws related to non-governmental organizations' activities;

  • publishing activities;

  • arranging the dialogue with governmental representatives, Deputies of Ukraine Supreme Rada as regards the issues of environment and participation of NGOs in formation of social and environmental policy in Ukraine;

  • co-operation with international governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations (participation in drafting international legal and program documents, international conferences, workshops and round tables, and international NGO networks).?

    Environment and Human Rights:?
    A New Approach to Sustainable Development
    Towards Environmental and Human Rights
    Public Appeal to Government and Parliament of Ukraine
    Adopted by the Participants of the Second All-Ukrainian
    Environmental Public Conference
    Poverty Eradication:
    Poverty in the Newly Independent States.

    Presentation made at the European Women's Conference for a Sustainable Future, Celakovice, Czech Republic, March 2002, organized by WECF (Netherlands).

  • publications in various periodicals;?

    NORTHERN LIGHTS /Spring 2001 - A Quarterly Publication/
    NORTHERN LIGHTS /Summer 2001 - A Quarterly Publication/

    NORTHERN LIGHTS /Autumn 2001 - A Quarterly Publication/

?Main focus?

  • legal advice service to grass-root people and NGOs;

  • popularization of legal knowledge;

  • consolidation of environmental NGOs through participation in joint projects and campaigns, debates on environmental legislation, workshops and conferences.

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