24 June 2004

   The assessment of
access to environmental
information, participation
in decision-making and
justice is completed! ...

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About EcoPravo-Kyiv

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Environmental Law NGO EcoPravo-Kyiv is an independent NGO founded in 1992 and put on record with the Department of Justice in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1993.

Mission: to contribute to civil society building through environmental advocacy and enforcement, representation to citizens and NGOs on environmental and organizational issues in order to stimulate public participation in environmental decision-making and to promote the reform of legal system to better support democratic processes.


  • legal advice to NGOs, authorities, wide public;

  • environmental legal education;

  • monitoring and study of public participation in environmental decision-making at local, national and regional levels

  • stimulating public involvement and input in plans, programs, reports locally and nationally;

  • seminars, conferences, public hearings, round table discussions for stakeholders on the issues of environmental law and its implementation, draft legislation, environment and human rights, sustainable development, Aarhus Convention implementation, etc.

  • participation in discussion of the environment related draft legislation;

  • national and local legislation survey and drafting;

  • publishing activities;

  • cooperation with the national, regional and local authorities in environmental matters and participation in environmental policy-making in Ukraine;

  • raising public awareness on access to information, participatory democracy, access to justice issues;

  • national law and local Act drafting ;

  • lobbying the adoption of City Charters around Ukraine;

  • networking at national and international level;

  • participation in the Rio+10 process;

  • membership in the international NGO networks;

  • participation in drafting statements, opinions and other papers at the international level;

  • participation in “Environment for Europe” Process

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The activities of EcoPravo-Kyiv in the last years are focused mostly on the study and monitoring of the access to information and public participation in the environmental decision-making at the local, national and regional (EECCA) levels, as well as on implementation of the Aarhus Convention provisions and PP10 of the Rio Declaration throughout Ukraine. Apart from this the improvement of the environmental law and policy-making, and prevention of air pollution in cities are also in the scope of the activities.

Post address:

Ukraine, 04119, Kyiv-119, P.O. Box #51

Tel/fax: +38044 2545764

Tel: +38044 4951000+add 4478

E-mail: ecolaw@ecopravo.kiev.ua

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