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             Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea against Pollution (Bucharest Convention) was signed on April 21, 1992 and ratified by all states in the region. Ukraine ratified the Convention by Regulation of the Supreme Council of Ukraine ¹ 3939-XII as of February 4, 1994.

            The Strategic Action Plan for the Black sea as approved by ministers of six countries on the Black seaboard on November 31, 1996 is a tool for implementation of the Convention wherein priority activities are clearly set for six countries on the Black seaboard in sustainable use of the Black sea resources and conservation of its ecosystems in such key areas as implementation of economic mechanisms for natural resources utilisation, pollution monitoring, response on emergency situations, biodiversity conservation, fishery regulation, investment project design and implementation, coastal zone management and others as well as the key dates for achievement of results and a mechanism for adjusting the follow-up activities are specified.

National Reporting

            Monitoring of the current activities and evaluation of the progress achieved are unprovided for reports by the Convention.  The Strategic Action Plan, paragraph 33, in particular provides for drafting national reports on the progress in liquidation of hot spots as well as their submission to the Commission in 2001 and 2005 whereby the Commission (actually a Secretariat, produces a summary report to the Ministerial Conferences in 2001 and 2006 pursuant to paragraph 53 of SAP. Every five years, starting 1996, a report “On Status of the Black Sea Pollution" is to be drafted and published.  It is to be based on findings of the coordinated monitoring and evaluation programmes. So, the next report is to be prepared for the Ministerial Conference scheduled for 2007. Additionally, in compliance with the Commission-approved procedures, the mid-term reports on the Convention implementation are produced annually as well as addressed and approved by the Commission at its regular annual meetings.  Such reports are compiled by the Secretariat.

            The issue of national reporting on implementation of the Convention was not raised so far, however a report on performance of Strategic Action Plan in Ukraine for rehabilitation and protection of the Black sea was drafted in 2004 by the Ukrainian research institute for environmental matters in Kharkiv in framework of the scientific research “Support for Implementation of Activities in Ukraine as provided for by Strategic Action Plan to Rehabilitate and Protect the Black Sea".


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