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Public participation

in the process of drafting of the Aarhus Convention National Implementation Report


            EcoPravo-Kyiv Environmental Law NGO promoted public participation in the process of drafting of the National Implementation Report.

            Report is prepared by the working group of the Ministry of Environment Protection of Ukraine for the Second Meeting of the Parties which will take place on May 25-27, 2005 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

            Comments and suggestions from the public were analyzed and incorporated to the Report. Among those NGOs which actively participated in the discussion and step forward with valuable comments and recommendations are: Ecopravo-Lviv, Pechenigy, Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds, Zeleny Svit (Dnipropetrovsk) etc. Their input is highly appreciated.


The Aarhus Convention: outcomes of the public involvement in

the national reporting process

March 31, 2005


                                               49 sets written comments and critiques




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